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Service Standard Commitments

Rainbow Cleaning Limited is committed to delivering the highest possible cleaning standards at all times. Our business strategy includes the implementation of a robust quality management system to continually monitor and measure our performance. We encapsulate by utilising the following principles:

Service Standards

We discuss, agree and plan your cleaning requirement and outline our commitment to delivering service excellence through the implementation of our SLA agreement.

Commitment to Quality

We are accountable for the quality of our work and perform to the best of our abilities at all times. Our promise of commitment to quality is embedded within the ongoing training received by our operatives to develop and enhance their skills. The Quality Management (QMS) and Time and Attendance Systems (TAS) are used by our operational management team to monitor, measure our performance and identify any inconsistencies with the agreed KPI's.


We report on the findings of each QMS audit and speedily implement changes where appropriate. Customers have access to our 24/7 support desk for ease of communication. We communicate any new developments with our stakeholders and solicit their input to enable us to meet their expectations.

Continuous Improvement

We consistently seek to identify new methods of enhancing our service delivery through reviewing, monitoring, benchmarking, innovation and participation in continuous improvement programmes.