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Corporate Establishments

rainbow.jpgWe understand that companies in the corporate sector require high specification cleaning standards from their cleaning provider.

Today, many office cleaning services companies offer a ‘one size fits all’ contract cleaning formula, no matter what type of building or client. Rainbow Cleaning however offer a bespoke solution for each office, as we understand the importance of a clients individual needs.

Rainbow Cleaning are able to provide a wide range of services, fulfilling your cleaning and soft service needs. Our focus is to provide your company with a professional cleaning service, so why not contact us today for your daily cleaning, window cleaning, Washroom Services and Waste Management needs.

We place a strong emphasis on security and confidentiality, providing you with fully vetted and trained cleaning staff. We will happily sign any corporate confidentiality agreements and will also ensure individual cleaners sign confidentiality agreements.

To read about the services that Rainbow Cleaning provide, click here and you will be forwarded to our services page. If you’re in need of a quotation, then please click here to receive your free site visit and quotation.


“We’re very happy with Rainbow Cleaning and the service they provide. The cleaning is excellent. Overall very good job!”

“We have always been very satisfied with the standard of cleaning and have never had a reason to follow anything up. We appreciate Rainbow Cleaning’s efforts to ensure client satisfaction”

"We've been with Rainbow Cleaning since 2008 and have always received a high standard of cleaning...Guaranteed great service!"

"The cleaning service is excellent. Our area manager is always helpful and responds promptly, so overall very good, very happy."

"The cleaning is excellent. We have a very good relationship with our area manager and we frequently recommend Rainbow Cleaning."

"I could notice the difference as soon as I opened the building: it is the best it has looked in a year! well done!"